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Name:M E M E N T U M
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in a nutshell;

Mementum is meant to work slightly differently from all the other meme communities. Its main purpose is the same, yet to avoid cluttered pages and ridiculous repetition, we'll restrict contribution to three (3) memes per day. Consider it a work in progress; we're trying something new, and everything is subject to change in the future. We'll adjust when necessary, and for now, here's how we'll proceed.

You, as members, are encouraged to submit memes. We, as moderators, will browse through submissions and carefully handpick three memes every day. There will be no playing favorites: our decisions will be based on variety, depending on what is posted and submitted within a week. We're essentially aiming for diversity, and we want to give you an opportunity to get somewhere. This is to avoid your threads to be buried down under a pile of redundant memes before you've even had a chance to post to one. Needless to say, we are open to suggestions and hope you will contribute to make this community welcoming and fun, the breath of fresh air we're hoping for!

rules & guidelines;

➥ memes will be approved three times a day (10h, 3h, 7h PST)
➥ if your submission isn't chosen, please don't let it stop you from contributing! try and look at what's been done lately, and aim for variety
➥ you can submit memes you've already submitted: every meme is bound to resurface at some point
you need to be a member of the community to submit entries
➥ please don't stretch the main page: try to use decent-sized images
➥ have an open mind and respect each other: not all of us share the same tastes, but we're here to play, not to judge
smut/kink memes need to be labeled as such! keep nc-17 stuff under a cut
➥ don't hesitate to PM the mods with concerns and/or suggestions! we can also be reached via email:
➥ have fun!

in these beginning days, we'll only be updating at the specific times if we have memes waiting in the queue. so please submit memes!

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